Wondering why you’re here?

Hi. If you’re on this page because you were making a PayPal purchase and you noticed that the account ¬†you were sending it to was a ProDashboards account, it’s not a mistake.¬†Prodashboards is affiliated with a few different website that accept payments via PayPal.¬†ProDashboards is just the main email account associated with processing payments through PayPal.

Some of our sites are:

  • 123-pet.com
  • ChuckJacked.com
  • ChuckNorrisJokes.linkpress.info
  • There might be others, but we don’t update this page very often. If you not sure about your purchase, feel free to email us at “support@prodashboards.com” and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
So don’t worry, you’re not being scammed. We’re just making it easy on ourselves by having one PayPal account instead of one for every site.
And thanks for your purchase :)

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